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Valid Foto BCN Gallery is proud to announce the winners of BIPA 2016:

Andrei Farcasanu _ "The quiet sense of nature"
Enric Duch"Night Falls" 
Lola Montserrat _ "Ànima"
Gidon Levin _ "21 22 23"
Toni Privat"The beauty. The breath of freedom"
Scott Typaldos"Butterfiles Chapter 4"
Andrés Solla"Last Border"
Cristobal Pereira"IU"

Andrei Farcasanu - The quiet sense of nature
Enric Duch - Night falls
Lola Monstserrat - Ànima
Gidon Levin - 21 22 23
Toni Privat - The beauty. The breath of freedom
Scott Typaldos - Butterflies Chapter 4
Andrés Solla - Last Border
Cristobal Pereira - IU

BIPA 2016 call for photography
Convocatoria fotográfica BIPA 2016

Galería Valid Foto, launches the second edition of the “Barcelona International Photography Awards”, with the aim of showcasing international contemporary photography and forming collaborative links between countries and photographic communities.
Professionals and amateurs regardless of age may submit photographs. The award is open to any type of photograph, with no restrictions on subject matter. 

We are looking for talented photographers who are able to express themselves, who are able to communicate their ideas through the photographic medium in a singular way using their own personal idiom.

We are looking for sound and well thought-out projects, including those that are only starting to take shape, to lend them international visibility and reach. 


La Galería Valid Foto lanza la segunda edición del “Barcelona International Photography Awards”, con el objetivo de hacer una muestra de la fotografía internacional contemporánea y establecer lazos de colaboración entre diferentes paises y comunidades fotográficas.

Pueden presentarse fotógrafos sin restricciones de edad, profesionales o amateurs. La convocatoria está abierta a cualquier tipo de fotografía y es de temática libre.

Buscamos fotógrafos con talento y capacidad expresiva capaces de comunicar sus ideas a través del medio fotográfico de una manera singular y con lenguaje personal propio. Buscamos proyectos sólidos y elaborados, incluso aunque sólo estén comenzando a tomar forma, para darles visibilidad y proyección internacional.

BIPA 2016 International jury
Jurado internacional de BIPA 2016

Jim Casper Vicenç Boned Guillaume de Sardes Natasha Christia

Jim Casper 
Editor & Publisher

Paris, France

​Vicenç Boned 
Collector and founder of
Galería Tagomago
Barcelona, Spain

Guillaume de Sardes 
Artistic Director of Photomed Festival

More about Guillaume

Natasha Christia 
Writer, curator and director of
DocField 2016
Barcelona, Spain.

More about Natasha

Ramon Ivars Pere Freixa Jose Carlos Suarez Emilia van Lynden

Ramón Ivars 
Professor. Set and Costume Designer
Barcelona, Spain

More about Ramón

Pere Freixa 
Professor and research on photography
and digital image.

More about Pere

Jose Carlos Suarez 
Professor and art critic
Barcelona, Spain.

More about Jose Carlos

Emilia van Lynden 
Head of Artistic Affairs for Unseen Photo Fair & Festival in Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

More about Emilia

About Valid Foto BCN Gallery
The gallery is run by Fernando Peracho Murillo. Fernando's aim is to join the effort of others, both past and present, to make photography an object of interest to the uninitiated public and also to satisfy those who are already knowledgeable about this art form.


The gallery's commitment is to promote photography as a valuable art form. It presents and promotes artists within the gallery own space, as well as outside its wall. Valid Foto committal is to give the right expertise to clients and to inform the willing public about the photographic medium.



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