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Barcelona, 1955

Silver Gelatin Print
Ricard Terré, born in Spain (Sant Boi de Llobregat, 1928 – Vigo, 2009) is represented by the prestigious Vu Gallery in Paris, as well as fellow spanish photographers Isabel Muñoz and Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. Over the years he has become a well-known photographer not only in Spain but also internationally. He started working as a photographer in 1955 when he met members of the photographic organization in Almería known as Afal. In 1957 he had his first exhibition in Sala Aixelá next to Ramón Masats and Xavier Miserachs. His work, far beyond from documenting, expresses the barroquian tenebrism also seen in the Goya de la Quinta del Sordo or in the Saura of our times. Some of his photographs could be illustrations of Don Quijotes’ alucinations, Santa Teresa de Jesus’ appearances or Valle Inclan’s characters in Carnaval Tuesdays. Terré’s the type of artist that belongs to the literary and visual tradition stablished as La España Negra. His work, pioneer in many aspects, has been incorporated to our colective memory and enriched with posterior work from other well-known artists for whom Terré is their master. No one else besides from him has been able to picture in such a shameless way what is hidden behind the common spanish image of black veils covering peoples’ faces during Easter. 
Terré explores with naturality these rituals, by mixing divine and ancestral aspects and being aware of what’s about to extinct, by getting close to them so he can capture the humanity present in a culture that accepts fatalism, imperfection and deterioriation but where life is always beating. In his work we see a cross-eyed girl beautifuly dressed with a communion dress that looks at us confused; another character dressed in white carrying a religious candle; an alphabet soup which had once the name of someone who has dissapeared; a wooden or plaster board that remain the beauty that once covered their degraded façade, like human beings are perennial and still keep the trace of what they were: sacred saints from the past that look at us now like spektral masks. 
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